Clinical Study Results for ChitoCare Beauty Hair, Skin & Nails

A clinical study of the Icelandic collagen product ChitoCare Beauty Hair, Skin & Nails and the results are stunning. 

A clinical study of the Icelandic collagen product ChitoCare Beauty Hair, Skin & Nails was recently completed. The study was conducted by a leading European skin laboratory specializing in independent skin research. 

Clinically proven results

The results are absolutely amazing. The study revealed that 12 weeks of treatment with ChitoCare Beauty Hair, Skin & Nails, an Icelandic supplement that is taken in capsule form, makes the skin: 

  • Smoother
  • Better moisturized 
  • Firmer 

Proper skin moisture is one of the key factors in preventing premature  skin aging. Here you can see pictures taken with a so-called Dermoscope, a skin examination camera, and the effects of the treatment are clearly visible. 


A double-blind clinical study found the following results, after 12 weeks of using ChitoCare Beauty Hair, Skin & nails. 

  • Skin hydration:  significant increase compared to placebo (p<0,05) 
  • Skin firmness:  significant improvement from baseline (p<0,01) 
  • Skin elasticity:  significant improvement from baseline and placebo (p<0,05) 
  • Skin density:  significant difference compared to placebo (p<0,01)

The increase in skin density values is correlated to an increase or a reorganisation of the dermal structures such as collagen fibres, cells and extracellular matrix. 

Thicker, more dense skin is healthy skin

The Dermatology Center also used ultrasound technology to assess the density of the skin. The more white spots there are, the denser the skin, and in the pictures below we see the obvious tightening of the skin after the ChitoCare Beauty Hair, Skin & Nails treatment. 


"We have put a lot of effort into showing and proving that the products we develop and produce are highly effective. We have done clinical research on our skin care products and have obtained very positive results regarding the effectiveness of products such as ChitoCare Medical for wounds and scars. The technology we developed for the wound care products, which heal and rejuvenate the skin, we then used to make products such as ChitoCare Beauty Anti-Aging Repair Serum, which clinical trials show reduces deep wrinkles and fine lines. 

It is very exciting to be able to present these results for our Hair, Skin & Nails collagen product as well. This Icelandic formula is exclusively patented and contains, among other things, Type II collagen, bioactive fibers and Icelandic silica from GeoSilica. HSN-midi_gratt_1500x1500_1644243937112

Since its arrival on the market, ChitoCare Beauty Hair, Skin & Nails has been very well received by consumers, and it was nominated at the Pure Beauty Global Awards for Best Skin Supplement. We developed this product with the ideal that correct skin care starts from the inside with the right nutrition and this study confirms that we are on the right track with this ideal. These are amazing results that we are proud of, " says Sigríður Vigfúsdóttir, founder and CEO of ChitoCare Beauty

What makes these results possible

ChitoCare Beauty Hair, Skin & Nails is a revolutionary bioactive formula, rich in natural nutrients that play an important role in maintaining healthy hair, skin and nails.  Collagen Type II complex contains important building blocks that provide moisture and are crucial for skin rejuvenation. Icelandic silicone strengthens skin, hair and nails, and mineral-rich lime algae and unique fibers from the sea off the coast of Iceland complete this unique formula. The addition of  chitosan, Vitamin C, zinc and selenium have antioxidant properties and help protect cells from oxidative stress. Vitamin C also promotes the production of collagen for the normal functioning of the skin, bones, cartilage, gums, teeth, and for normal vascular function. 
ChitoCare Beauty Hair, Skin & Nails is a private label health supplement, produced by Primex . If you are looking for a white label manufacturer, Primex can provide you with private label solutions for weight management supplements and health products. Retail-ready products are not for sale in the USA.