About Us

Primex ehf is an Icelandic marine biotech company and a global leader in sustainable production of a high quality chitosan. Primex markets products under the brand names ChitoClear® and LipoSan Ultra®

Primex is located in Iceland in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean.  Pristine waters of the North Atlantic surround the island, where warm water, brought up by the Gulf stream, mixes with the cold Arctic waters from the North Pole to create fruitful conditions for rich plant and animal life. The source is the shell of North Atlantic Coldwater Shrimps (Pandalus borealis) due to its aptitude as a raw material for high quality chitosan production.

Since 1999, Primex has been running a state of the art plant for chitin and chitosan manufacture in Siglufjordur Iceland.  Equipped with modern sophisticated computerized technology, the plant is able to deliver consistent product quality all year around.

Analyzing of key parameters show Primex chitosan products compares in all aspects to the best quality standard on the market.

More information on Primex is available on www.primex.is