Primex Iceland supports Iceland's healthcare staff

21. Apr 2020

IMG_20200416_111847As Iceland frontline healthcare workers help with the fight against the COVID-19 virus, they are suffering from dry and cracked skin from increased hand sanitizer use, and sensitivity due to friction and rubbing from personal protective equipment (PPE). Primex Iceland is supporting the fight by supplying the emergency staff of Iceland's national hospital with ChitoCare Medical products to heal their skin and ChitoCare Beauty hand cream to protect their hands from irritation, soreness, dryness and cracking.

ChitoCare Medical devices contain natural chitosan, a safe, bioactive polymer harvested from the pristine waters around Iceland. It consists of amino sugars that occur naturally in the human body, with excellent biocompatibility. It can be used as essential first aid and may be used on intact or breached skin. It also functions as a preventive treatment to protect the skin, and is suitable for use by the whole family, including children and the elderly.

ChitoCare Beauty Hand Cream is an intensive moisturizing cream that helps soften your skin without feeling greasy. It contains bioactive marine chitosan, a natural wonder of the ocean that forms a protective film around your skin, offering deep moisture for softer, smoother hands.

Primex and ChitoCare always try to provide support to their immediate environment and to contribute to society, and thus want to show their gratitude by working with students, healthcare professionals and other members of the local community. For example, working with students for career building, providing grants and sponsorship, awareness raising around breast cancer, community programs, and various events and happenings.