What is LipoSan Ultra®

LipoSan Ultra® is a natural dietary supplement ingredient for effective weight management. In the digestive system, LipoSan Ultra® complexes and binds with dietary fats.
LipoSan Ultra® is a unique and proprietary dietary fiber formulation, proven to significantly reduce body weight in human clinical studies. Read More

News and updates

20. February 2014
Vitafoods Europe, Geneva.
- Primex exhibiting  Primex ehf will be exhibiting at Vitafoods Europe, 6 - 8 May 2014 in Geneva, Switzerland. We welcome you all to visit us...
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11. February 2014
Halal Certification
Primex has received a Halal certification. Halal Authority Board has certified that Primex ehf. has been assessed and have confirm that our proces...
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24. April 2013
New Encapsulated LipoSan Ultra - Finalist NBT
Primex is launching a new unique encapsulated LipoSan Ultra® chitosan weight loss product, which can be mixed into drinks without increasing vis...
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